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Transforming Financial Wellbeing

A Personal Finance Mobile App with Tailored Goal Setting

In this extensive UX case study, I tackled the challenge of designing a state-of-the-art personal finance mobile app catered to salaried individuals. The goal was to not just streamline financial management but also inspire users to develop healthy saving and investment habits through a personalized goal-setting feature. This two-month project focused on delivering an intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable user experience.

Problem statement

Salaried individuals often grapple with effective financial management. The core problem identified was the absence of a user-friendly platform that not only tracked expenses but also motivated users to save and invest wisely, with a special focus on tailored goal setting

The Goal

This case study aimed to design an app addressing immediate financial needs while instilling a habit of saving and investing for long-term financial well-being, featuring a personalized goal-setting experience.

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20 Days

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